Claims Collections

Insurance companies are often publicly traded, investor focused entities that only make money when they don’t pay it to you. Vertex Healthcare Services specializes in knowing the laws that protect you and the channels to use to get claims paid. Through a dedicated team with refined management and tracking methods, Vertex is able to easily identify and resolve unpaid claims. Whether we billed it or not, Vertex will get it paid.  


94% of claims submitted are processed within 60 days.
80% of claims are paid within 90 days.
94% of claims submitted are paid within 6 months.

And for claims that are underpaid, Vertex works with several large prominent national law firms to address underpaid claims on contingency.

Vertex believes that you should receive everything you’re entitled to.

Conditions apply and are subject to the direction of the legal firm handling the matter, contingency in eery case cannot be guaranteed.

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