Data Management And Tools

Data Management And Tools

With more than $170,000,000.00 in submitted claims representing over 50,000 individual claims Vertex Healthcare Services has a tremendous amount of data at our disposal. Vertex has developed comprehensive report capabilities for every need. From an intake decision to collecting patient responsibilities and projecting realization of aged receivables, we have every angle covered. Vertex has the ability to quickly analyze data through the extensive set of revenue cycle management reports tailored to your needs. Even if your needs are completely unique, we can easily create for you personalized custom reports in a matter of minutes. 

Vertex Healthcare Services Provides Each Of Its Clients Access To:

Plan search tools which allow you to identify what an out of network claim will pay long before you even take the client.
Projection tools that utilize proprietary data measuring to establish revenue projections on a go forward basis.
Payment tools that allow you to look back and easily reconcile.
Verification tools that automatically pulls data relating to plan payments and allows for basic eligibility to be had instantaneously.
Real time aging and claim status reports.

All of this means that you will always know what’s coming in and when. 

In person trainings for out of state clients may be done via videoconference and may be subject to additional fees.

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