Verifications of Benefits

Verifications of Benefits

Vertex Healthcare Services provides the industries most complete, accurate and timely verifications of benefits. All verifications are provided in under 2 hours from the time that they are sent. The information provided with every verification has been refined over years of experience to give you the best look at what an insurer may or may not cover and even provides projected reimbursements for out-of-network providers. Verifications that are done correctly, quickly and completely means that you will know exactly what you can expect in terms of insurance reimbursement (via proprietary data management tools), coinsurances, copays, deductibles and clinical requirements all in time to admit a patient.

Know what a play will pay
Take every verification possible with quick turn around
Be sure that you will be paid before the patient admits
Increase Revenue

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Verifications can only be performed after the receipt of TIN, NPI, address and completion of a BAA and NDA and are requested within normal business hours. Benefits for United Healthcare can only be provided to OON facilities after verbal consent is released. 

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